Small business-like Prime Cell Repair & Accessories always delivers the real best

Growing a small business can help the local community to receive more investments. We always need to remember small businesses are the at forefront of any innovations, as per research they produce more patents per employees than big companies. This new products and services bring transformation in our quality of life. Only our support can help them grow. Also the real owner has direct contact with customers, understanding their needs and difficulties. Solving problems at real time. Also benefits the local economy, like every hundred dollars spent in small businesses, sixty-eight dollars goes back to local economy.

Prime Cell Repairs & Accessories deals with all kinds of phones, accessories, and repairs. The owner Mohammad Firdous, is a very experienced man in device repair, with huge knowledge in phones and accessories. If you talk with him, can get the best of the advice for your device. Also if you want to repair your phone or computers then before visiting any where talk with Firdous of Prime Cell Repair & Accessories, I can guarantee you will get the best of advice. Very trustworthy, efficient & punctual in dealings.  

Prime Cell Repairs and Accessories has wide range of phone collections. Even if you are looking for a cheap phone, that also available. If you walk-in or talk with the owner (Mohammad) then will not walk out empty head, you will 100% have deal. Also, in repairing you can get the best quote in entire Vancouver, the most reliable mobile repair shop in the city. Plus, they offer a price match guarantee, lifetime warranty, and quick turnaround time with premium quality parts. Visit Prime Cell Repairs & Accessories today and see for yourself why we're the best! 

They are located at International Village Mall, 88 W Pender Street Unit – 1191, Vancouver BC

If you need any information, then can contact them at phone# (604) 835-6345 or email:

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Interestingly, they are listed on the Carigaar app. Why not contact them on Carigaar? It’s easy.