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Our mobile platform will help connect you to either the small business or clients that you are looking for. Get started today by downloading our iOS or Android app!

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Are you a carigaar?

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Expand your reach and find new clients.
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Showcase Your Expertise And Work Through Our Platform.
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Make Connections And Expand Your Business To New Horizons.

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Smart Features

Find Affordable And High Quality Services For Your Needs.
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Browse Through Our Catalogue Of Carigaars And Services.
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Compare Prices, Pictures, And Services To Find The Right Fit For You.

Quality features

Meet exciting feature of app

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Smart Features

Small businesses now no need of sponsored ads, SEO, or any marketing guy. No need to spend money on marketing. Carigaar app will be the complete package for small business owners. Our algorithms will work for the business owners to connect & match with potential customers.
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Fast Performance

Carigaar app will help to find/reach potential customers in fastest way in their locality without wasting valuable time & money.
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Unlimited Content

Carigaar or the small businesses owners can create multiple listings. That helps to run multiple services from same dashboard.
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Unlimited Customization

No website requirement for small businesses, on Carigaar they can just create business profile & launch, which will show their past works or products to potential customers.
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Boost Productivity

Our upcoming video ad features will help businesses to promote their services or product. Also, we have token system, get monthly token subscription with unlimited boosting.
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Customer Support

Our customer review system will help businesses and customers, both to understand each other. Customers will be able to know the quality & rating of the product or services. And businesses will be able to know their inefficient or worthless services or product, which can help them to become hyperefficient and extra productive.

Whats the function

Let’s see how it works


Register as user/carigaar

– Its very easy and simple to register. Just download from Appstore or Playstore and register. Start finding the service or product you are looking for or if you are business owner sign up as a Carigaar and start listing your services or products.

Find your desired service

In Carigaar app you can find any kinds of services or product. We are only app that cover all types of businesses from every sector of the industry.

Directly connect with carigaar.

Through Carigaar app you can directly reach to a Carigaar (businesses) via email, text, or phone. You can contact from the app no need to use any external app or devices.

Get your work done and relax.

So no need to worry anymore, just download Carigaar app and find your required services. Anytime from anywhere. Match their reviews, ratings, performance & prices. Then choose the best Carigaar you want. So do not delay, download the Carigaar app and help is on his way.


Meet Client Satisfaction

Background checks


Background checks

The background check you gave will be easy for us to do, as we have partnerships with CERTN. Otherwise, everything good.

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Frequently asked question

What is Carigaar ?
Carigaar are small businesses in your locality. Our app will help you to connect with a Carigaar, dealing with product or services you are searching in your locality. And for Carigaar, the small businesses, this app will help you to find potential customers in your locality.
How can you register as a Carigaar or individual ?
Carigaar is very simple and easy to use for both an individual and Carigaar (businesses). Just takes few minutes to register.
  • Visit www.carigaar.com or download from Apple app store or Google play store.
  • After downloading, open the app & click Sign Up. Type your first name then last name.
  • If you are Carigaar (small business owner or skill-trader), then slide the CARIGAAR button & hit the next button. Type your business name or your full name & click the sign-up button.
  • If individual, then just click the sign-up button.
  • Visit your inbox or email account to confirm the CARIGAAR link.
  • Return to CARIGAAR app & hit the refresh sign. Click the get started button, it will take you to your dashboard.
  • If you are an individual, then just start choosing the service or businesses you are searching.
  • But if a Carigaar (business owner or skill-trader) click the human sign, then hit contact, type your phone & hit update. Again, click the human sign, and hit services button. Click plus (+) sign on menu. Type your business sector, select the service you provide from category, type the price. Upload photos of your past work & hit create service. You successfully listed your business on Carigaar.
  • How to upload photos in your business post ?
    After creating account and listing your business, you can upload photos of your past work or product photos. You can upload photos in Carigaar account from your phone gallery.
    Which businesses can list businesses on Carigaar?
    Carigaar app is for all kinds of small businesses. Any business from any sector can use Carigaar. Skill-trades, retail, manufacturing, services, etc, Carigaar app will help any businesses to find potential customers. New businesses are also welcomed, as Carigaar is just perfect for them.
    How can you accept a service ?
    Individuals or businesses can contact a Carigaar through the app. Potential customers can call, text and email directly from the app and reach you instantly. Just list your business with contact details and showcase your skills or product photos, let us connect you with potential customers.
    How can you get payment?
    We are working on payment service through the platform. But currently we don’t have any payment service, so after service Carigaar can collect payment in cash from customers.
    If issue arises in registering a new account or in sign-in to your current account ?
    If a Carigaar or an individual unable to sign-in or having problem in registering a new account, please contact support@carigaar.com. We will help you instantly.

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