MeetQuoteShack Inc, is a tech startup from Vancouver, BC, Canada.
The aim of our tech startup is bringing new technologies for small business owners at the most affordable price, help them to grow super-fast and compete with big business houses. We did a survey of 500 small businesses, surprised to see even after availability of so many marketing web apps/platforms in market, the small businesses are still struggling. Why? We dig deep inside to know the actual reason. As per our survey of 500 small business, more than 63% of small businesses fail in ads of all kinds. The biggest problem for small businesses, they can’t afford a huge budget or bear a continual or recurring expense of marketing. They end up spending too much money on sponsored ads, on SEO, or creating fancy website, in hope of getting positive ROI, but end up with smaller number of conversions. Just wasting valuable time and money. So according to our market analysis, this is the biggest problem to solve, and our app CARIGAAR can be the solution for all small business owners.
Carigaar idea came up during university time while doing a project on microeconomics related to small businesses. But the implementation came late, we started developing Carigaar from early 2022 and released our test up in April 2022; but many technical issues came up, so we pulled back. And again, released our MVP in July end, by end of 2022 we signed up 1100 small businesses from various sectors. Carigaar will help small business owners to promote and reach their potential customers for FREE. Businesses using Carigaar app, will no need to do sponsored ads, no SEO, no need to hire any marketing peoples and no website. Very simple, easy to use and most affordable. The app will help small businessowners to list their business, showcase their skills, promote their services/products & reach potential customers. All for FREE.
We have a team mixed of young and experienced. Also, very well balanced with knowledge in all sectors that creates an advantage in doing any kind of work. Our team consists of two super very skillful techies, one crazy finance guy and two very smart digital marketing folks.