Make Your business grow locally with Carigaar Local

Small business owners make your product or services reachable to your local community. Grow locally with Local. Our news page will help business owners to promote products/services, offers and promotions. Local will be a complete news page only for small business owners. Through Local we want to bring all “Mom & Pop” shops and all other kinds of small businesses mainstream. As small businesses need a platform to shoutout, where they can present their products and services with no bar. Yes social media like facebook, instagram, tiktok, etc provides them to post, but with restrictions, as there are lots of community guidelines to follow. At the end you won’t be able to express your true business news, possibility of either blocking your news or your profile. But in Local, business owners can express their thoughts, emotions and feelings without any restrictions. 

Small business owners start posting about your business, your thoughts, your business offers, your business promotions, about upcoming new products, your emotions, your feelings on LOCAL. Please feel free to reach Raj, our news reporter-cum-editor. Reach him at or call us at 250-682-3667.