Starting a photography business
April 17th, 2023

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If you are looking to start a film or photography business, then there are lots of ideas available for you. Startup costs for training and other equipment may look costly but if you can work on budget then it can be started on a low cost. Then add equipment slowly as your business grows. If the photography business can be done properly it can be a very good secondary income. But you must be passionate about photography. I talked with many photographers, but most of them say it's competitive, but one should know how to market themselves. According to photographers, here are the small list of requirements:

Basic Business Requirements - business license, legal services, accounting services, business cards

Equipment - Two cameras, multiple lenses, two flashes, multiple memory cards, two external hard drives, desktop or laptop.

Digital softwares - photoshop subscription, online proof gallery, & website.

Build your brand - create your business name, make a brand to attract customers, obtain image licensing & usage contract, open a business bank account, find a software to manage clients like Carigaar, get the best payment processing service, create customer loyalty program and prepare digital marketing plan.

A budget between $10000 to $15000 can be startup money for a photography business, if you're not buying every single piece of equipment. It's advisable to be slow and smart. Also be competitive in your rates, also prioritize clients expectations because that's important for your success.