Getting your product in to hands of celebrity
April 24th, 2023

local news

With years, now celebrity marketing is a growing trend. There are many celebrities who have access to the niche market that you are targeting. It can help you gain brand exposure. Also probably a boost in sales. Who knows, what else ?

Endorsing your product through a celebrity can be effective, as it can create a sense of desirability and trust. On various marketing research it's been seen, endorsing by a celebrity can increase sales by approx 4 percent. It's simple if a celebrity can be seen with your product then it can create a huge impact on consumers and increase awareness of your brand.

But the big question, can a small business bear the cost of endorsing a product by a celebrity ? How can you hand your product to a celebrity influencer? It's very important to figure out, as it's not easy, if you just send a product to a celebrity, then probably the product will end up in their home. And the budget. As many times you have to give a free product or service, the question remains, how many times of free service or free product can you bear ?

Also too big a celebrity for a small business can overshadow the product in front of his/her popularity. It can be hugely expensive for small businesses.

So thinking about using celebrities for endorsement? Not a bad idea. But you have to think twice - it can be tricky.