Carigaar Episode# 10 - About cyber security
April 24th, 2023

While during our ongoing camping we can accross a big issue that is “hacking” This ia also a big problem for small businesses. On descussion we can to know few of them had their online store hacked, some had their instagram store hacked, some had their fb account hacked and it continues. Lot of them are facing the problem of Shopify stores getting hacked.

We suggested to use strong passwords, to use password managers, to use VPN, also to update their system frequently, train themselves & their employees about cybersecurity, change password after every 35 days and by monitoring any suspicious activities.

We will run more campaigns on cyber security, to create awareness among small business owners. . Let’s support them. We invite everyone to join us.

Also small business owners share about your business, your thoughts, your business offers, your business promotions, about upcoming new products, your emotions, your feelings on CARIGAAR LOCAL. Please feel free to reach Raj, our news reporter-cum-editor. Reach him at