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Marketing Mystic - December 5, 2021

The biggest challenge small businesses face is limitation of resources. The business owner has challenge or tasked with hiring the right people, increasing sales, making payrolls, filing taxes, and providing quality customer service. Also need to market his/her business to become or remain visible to their target audience. The 12 concerns or problems that small business owners regularly vocalize are:

· Lack of budget/people/time · Lack of generating quality leads & customer management system · Choosing the right social media platform · Consistent marketing activities · Delivering & producing quality content · Lack of technology support · Whom to trust when outsourcing marketing activities · Losing money in sponsored ads · Need better business management tools · Lack of revenue growth · Need better hiring system that saves time and money · Need updated website or online store at cheapest cost with all features

Journey of small businesses owners full of pain and unexpected hurdles. As per our study 93% of the business fail in social media marketing. To make matters worse, its incredibly hard to get results from social media if you’re not already converting well. One of the business owners says, “although I may get clicks or likes, it doesn’t always translate to more money coming through the door.” Putting it simply, another responds, “Lots of impressions but almost no conversion.” Business owners need to understand social media is a business, and when you pay for a social-media ads that aren’t delivering results, you hand over your target audience over to your competitors — the ones who are handling social media better than you. Also, its very important for businesses to know, organic posts reach only about 2% of your followers! This means that 98% of your social media page’s followers may not see your posts.

It's true social media giants have provided new sales opportunities for entrepreneurs, but also exposed them to the company’s misfiring content-moderation software, limited options for customer support and lack of transparency about how to fix problems . Social media company occasionally blocks ad account for violating its policies. One business owner says, “My account got blocked, friends’ advise me to just wait a couple of days and the problem might resolve itself. I waited, until lost an estimated $5,000 in revenue.” It's horrible, even if an ad account gets restored, business lose crucial momentum. Ads can also be banned for using phrases like “see if your roof qualifies” Social media software guessed the company was selling financial products, which are more regulated. After enough flags on the account, sometimes business owners give up social media ads. As the business comes complete stands still. Sometimes even small businesses account goes down, and found themselves blocked too, for what social media company calls as “policy violation”. Specially it becomes costly if the business is totally dependent on social media for selling. This experience can make businesses feel nervous specially if it’s a busy shopping season. Its very doubtful why social media giants don’t realize the impact of their algorithms. I couldn’t find any logic behind the account ban imposed on business. Like a pizza vending machine company, a reusable water bottle company, a coffee delivery service, a business coach, and a hair weave company all suspended.

No wonder businesses all want to use social media to promote their products and services. No one wants to be throwing money at ads that don’t work. You are paying for ads that aren’t providing a return, which means you are throwing away time and money. Carigaar team understands the problems of small businesses, as we did a survey of 500 small businesses. This is a huge problem \and through our app we are trying to help small businesses in reaching potential customers as well as market at the same time for FREE. Its true there are lots of available technologies and web-platform that has all the tools to help small businesses, but they are either not affordable or required external assistance. But in comparison our app is FREE, easy to use, and business can do it all by themselves. Main target is connected businesses with their local communities through our app and provide them with all kinds of technological tools and features which will help them to grow revenue, increase customers flow, increase social media presence, branding, videos and content writing but all at affordable cost. We have released our test app in market. The app is not yet complete but then also we would encourage every business to try our test app. Visit, download our app. Sign-up and list your business for FREE.